1973 SHIGA YAMASHITA CO.,LTD. formed as an independent entity from Yamashita Tekko Co.,Ltd.
1975 Signed a manufacturing agreement with the Industrial Materials Division of Cornes Dodwell Ltd. and localized a washer for the draft beer barrel filling equipment manufactured by Sankey of the UK.
1978 Began developing the WellPacker liquid bag filling equipment in cooperation with Dodwell’s Industrial Materials Division.
Developed an exhaust gas economizer and a soot extractor for marine boilers in cooperation with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
Developed the dry forming machine for automobile carpets.
1980 Developed the bag-in-box filling equipment.
1982 Delivered six engine washers to automobile manufacturers in Mexico.
1984 Developed the aluminum casting finishing and transfer equipment.
Developed the carrier equipment for applications of sealants to automobile glass.
1985 Developed the large sheet feeder.
1988 Developed the specialized servo system controller.
Developed thef NC deburring machine and multiarticular robot.
Developed the high-speed spindle.
1989 Signed a technical assistance agreement with Fine Inc. of South Korea.
1990 Developed the vertical five-axis multiarticular robot.
1995 Developed the general-purpose finishing equipment for aluminum castings.
1996 Developed the specialized cell-type finishing equipment for aluminum castings.
1998 Developed the rotary-type a draft beer barrel filling equipment washer.
2000 Obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certification.
2001 Developed the jet-type washing equipment.
Developed the finishing equipment for aluminum castings.
Developed the high-speed cutting equipment.
2002 Began exporting the cylinder block finishing equipment to Nemak SA of Mexico.
2004 Merged with Shiga Yamashita Services.
Increased Capital to Y23,250,000.
2005 Established CIGA YAMASHITA de MEXICO S.A. de C.V.
2006 Increased Capital to Y38,250,000.
Expanded and upgraded manufacturing plants.
We were awarded with NEMAK SA of Mexico’s “SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR 2006″ Excellent award.
2007 Rebuilded an office ridge.
2008 Achieved that we delivered finishing equipment for aluminum castings 250 in total.
Flexible-Type Finishing machine for FC casting WORK have been completed and launched.
Brand new Keg Washing/Filling machine for micro breweries have benn completed and launched. This machine is equipped with newly developed sensors and control system which achieved outstanding level of quality.
2010 We were awarded with NEMAK SA of Mexico’s “SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR 2009″ Excellent award.
2011 We were awarded with NEMAK SA of Mexico’s “SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR 2011″ Excellent award.
2012 Developed the BUILT-IN MOTOR for Gate Cutting use and Special Inverter system.
2013 We were awarded with NEMAK SA of Mexico’s “SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR 2013″ Excellent award.