Small barrel washing and filling equipment

Brand new Keg Washing/Filling machine for micro breweries have benn completed and launched. This machine is equipped with newly developed sensors and control system which achieved outstanding level of quality.


  • It takes about 80 seconds for keg washing and 80 seconds for keg filling. Greatly improved efficiency over manual handling systems.
  • We are fully equipped to provide after-sales service. You can rely on us when you need repairs as we manufacture almost all of our parts ourselves.

    A. System Control Unit

    To monitor and control whole Washing & Filling process.

  • Operator can check and analyze past events using varieties of traceability function.
  • Liquid Flow Sensor trace flow rate graph which tells washing condition of the keg.
  • Remote-maintenance function enables to be checked and monitored from outside.
  • Sophisticated analyzing function helps inves-tigation for trouble cause.
  • B. Beer Flow Meter

    Keg is correctly set to the Head by Keg Neck direct Clamping.

  • Latest model of Electromagnetic Flow Meter is equipped and beer volume is automatic-ally set by keg size change.
  • Much less beer loss comparing ordinal Full-Fill system.
  • C. Service Valve (New Diaphragm Cylinder Type)

    Automatic On-Off Valve for utilities.

  • Simple structure and Easy maintenance.
  • Valve position can be seen and checked from outside.
  • Diaphragm type structure makes lifetime long-er by preventing seal damage caused from scale object.
  • D. New Clamp Unit for Washing & Filling Heads

    Keg is correctly set to the Head by Keg Neck direct Clamping.

  • Simple structure and Easy maintenance.
  • Washing & Filling Heads are kept clean due to no clamp cylinder unit above heads.
  • Due to new clamping structure which clamps directly to keg neck, more stable keg clamping is achieved comparing ordinal clamp system, especially for damaged kegs.
  • E. Blow Off Valve (New Type)

    Keg is correctly set to the Head by Keg Neck direct Clamping.

  • Simple and compact structure and Easy maintenance.
  • Smaller size diaphragm makes seal lifetime longer. especially for damaged kegs.
  • F. Liquid Flow Sensor

    To detect and monitor flow rate of washing liquid.

  • Monitoring by this sensor ensures sufficient washing and sterilization for the kegs.
  • Auto-Offset and Auto-gain function require no adjustment.
  • Longer lifetime is achieved due to stronger detection part.