Cutting and deburring machine link system
Cutting and deburring machine link system for deburring and finishing of aluminum castings. The deburring machine employs a specialized diamond tool on a high-rigidity, high-speed spindle developed by Shiga Yamashita to achieve high-speed and highly efficient deburring and finishing.


Cutting and deburring machine employing the complete Shiga Yamashita developed high-rigidity link system.
Movement on six or more axes provides flexibility to accommodate cutting and deburring of a wide variety of castings.

Shiga Yamashita has, what only a manufacturer of post-processing equipment can offer: a vast range of expertise, available to realize high levels of both utility and durability in its equipment.


■ Shiga Yamashita’s high-speed spindle enables speeds of 20,000-25,000 rpm.
■ The horizontal rotational axis has a function that eliminates backlash.

Jig unit 4-axis link system
Cutting unit 2-axis link system
Cutting type Primary cutting axis, enables high-speed spindle use
Control panel Space-saving design
Console General purpose console