ー Giving form to your requirements

From mass produced equipment to equipment manufactured on a small scale, Shiga Yamashita is able to offer, based on its record of successes and trust gained since its establishment, a diverse range of proposals for plant and equipment in response to customer requirements. We’re always ready for your “I wonder if it’s possible to …..” or “We’d like to …..” questions.

Finishing equipment for post-processing of
aluminum castings

・Cutting and deburring machine ・Cutting equipment
・Deburring machine ・Casting sand removal equipment
・Trimming press machine ・Work carrier

■ Processed article

  • Aluminum cylinder head
  • Aluminum cylinder block
  • Aluminum transmission case
  • Aluminum intake manifold
  • Other general aluminum casting products
Flexible-type finishing machine for
FC casting work
Washing equipment

・General purpose jet-type engine cleaning equipment

■ Processed article

  • Cylinder head ・ Cylinder block
  • Transmission case ・ Other machined products

Urban refuse incineration and processing

・equipment fitted to incineration and processing equipment

Pneumatic transportation equipment

・vacuum transportation equipment for powders & granular materials

Soot extraction systems

・soot extractors for waste gas heat exchangers in marine engines

Small barrel washing and filling equipment

A space-saving design for rotary washing and filling draft beer barrels. Customizable to suit individual customer requirements.

Rotary equipment for beer keg washing & filling

Ciga Yamashita has a comprehensive support system for maintenance of its products following delivery and installation. Its servicing system allows early inspections and a variety of maintenance work to be conducted without interfering with the production line. Our plant proposals are developed to encompass the need for expansion of functions, switching between products, and precision adjustments over according to the changes in times.

We are developing new technologies through cooperation between industry and academia, and with organizations in other industrial fields.