Automobile Related

The products that Shiga Yamashita makes are mainly used to perform finishing processes on aluminum-cast of automobile parts.
As the main components of automotive engines have complex structures including the passages of coolant, oil, etc. running inside them, they are manufactured by an intricate casting process, which involves pouring molten metal into a sand mold and hardening it.
Once the casting is done, the sand mold is broken and taken out (Mold-breaking), after which the residual sand inside the casting is discharged (Sand removal), and the sprues (metal passages), burrs, and other unwanted parts are also removed (Cutting and deburring). After hole drilling and other required finishing processes are performed, the casting is cleaned (Washing and air blowing), quenched, and assembled together for mounting onto the automobile.
The products manufactured by Shiga Yamashita are involved in crucial work processes that are essential for making automobiles.

Processed article

Finishing equipment for post-processing of aluminum castings
・Aluminum cylinder head
・Aluminum cylinder block
・Aluminum transmission case
・Aluminum intake manifold
・Other general aluminum casting products
Flexible-type finishing equipment
・FC casting work
Washing equipment
・Cylinder head
・Trucks and other large engine C/H・C/B
・Cylinder block
・Other machined products

Work processes and our equipment list

Create a sand mold, and pour aluminum alloy into it.

Break the sand mold.

Remove the sand.

Cut off the sprues and runners, and remove burrs.

Perform the finishing processes.
Wash and dry the casting.

Perform the final processes.

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Beer & liquid Related

As for its portfolio of beer barrel washing and filling machines, Shiga Yamashita offers a wide range of products including large-scale barrel washing and filling machines for major manufacturers, to highly versatile, compact barrel filling machines, and automatic barrel washing and filling machines for microbreweries and craft breweries. Shiga Yamashita offers a wide selection of such machines that can handle barrels of all types and have various inspection mechanisms, including models that are equipped with advanced self-diagnosis functions.

Kegged Beer Distribution Cycle

Manufacturer size & our products

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Other Equip & Support

Soot extraction systems

Soot extractors for waste gas heat exchangers in marine engines.

Pneumatic transportation equipment

Vacuum transportation equipment for powders & granular materials.

Urban refuse incineration and processing

Equipment fitted to incineration and processing equipment.

Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Ciga Yamashita has a comprehensive support system for maintenance of its products following delivery and installation. Its servicing system allows early inspections and a variety of maintenance work to be conducted without interfering with the production line. Our plant proposals are developed to encompass the need for expansion of functions, switching between products, and precision adjustments over according to the changes in times.

Joint Development

We are developing new technologies through cooperation between industry and academia, and with organizations in other industrial fields.


※ Our products use a number of proprietary technologies.

Patents in Possession

JapanNumber of patents21
EPC patent application pending1

Cumulative number of patent and utility model applications

JapanNumber of utility model applications18
JapanNumber of patent applications65

※Including those that have already ceased to exist.