SHIGA YAMASHITAEstablished more than forty years ago, Shiga Yamashita has developed a range of industrial equipment of the highest level in the world for the automobile-related and liquid-related industries. Today especially, the automobile industry serves as Japan’s core industry and boasts a level of technical expertise recognized throughout the world. Within the context of the modern Japanese automobile industry, the company has focused on the development and the supply of fully-automated finishing equipment for post-processing of aluminum castings, and has taken on daily challenges and accumulated achievements. Shiga Yamashita is also highly praised for its draft beer barrel filling equipment washer, and records successes and expertise in multi-industry equipment as well. As a response to future requirements, Shiga Yamashita introduced a new design and manufacturing system early-on, and maintains its drive for ever-improved operational efficiency, high levels of motivation in its research personnel, and high levels of technical expertise. At the same time, the company also focuses on the development of a new generation of personnel inculcated with the company values of honesty, enthusiasm, and inventiveness. To respond to changing requirements of the future, Shiga Yamashita will continue on its current path of providing mature and sophisticated expertise, together with a flexible system of invention and development.
Company motto
As a sincere and reliable company, Shiga Yamashita will continue to make great efforts to contribute to society and boost creativity of individuals.
Quality Policy
iso9001取得Based on the conviction that the needs of the customer are foremost, customer requirements are clarified, and the world’s best products are manufactured in complete conformance with all legal statutes and regulations, thereby gaining trust and satisfaction.